Your Guide to Dorchester, MA

Dorchester, Massachusetts is Boston’s largest and most diverse neighborhood. In 2010, of Boston’s 617, 594 residents, 92,115 called Dorchester home.  The ethnic makeup was 37% African American or Black, 28% White non-Hispanic, 14% Hispanic or Latino, 12% Asian or Pacific Islander, 0% Native American, 5% some other race, 4% two or more races.   Founded by Puritans in 1630 it is named after the town of Dorchester in the English county of Dorset.  For all its history –

  • Dorchester is the birthplace of the first elementary school in America, the Mather School, established in 1639.
  • America’s first chocolate mill and factory in theLower Mills section of Dorchester. The Walter Baker Chocolate Factory, part of Walter Baker & Company, operated until 1965.
  • The first community health center in the United States was the Columbia Point Health Center in Dorchester.

Dorchester remains a vibrant, bustling modern community. Small business abound.  From ethnic restaurants to services of all types, anything that you can possibly want can be found in Dorchester…..and if you can’t find it here, then you probably don’t need it!!!

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